Mobile Gaming Resources

Here are our suggestions for some excellent gaming resources for mobile game developers: is an excellent source for game development resources, especially with the forum for mobile and console development.  It gives developers a direct route to find information they are looking from given to them by developers that are already working in the games industry as well as other students.  They also, besides the forum, have informative articles and a marketplace. is a site that teaches developers how to make games, but also gives the opportunity for non-developers and developers alike to play the games created by students.  The core curriculum offered at teachs developers/programmers and artists to work on gaming projects in a development environment.  It’s also a great site to inform developers about competitions and gaming festivals for independent gaming developers. 

Mobile Casino Game & Development Resources is a live, and in production, execution of actual games that are created by professionals and offered to visitors for free play.  The site gives the best examples of how mobile games are applied to an internet environment.  A great source for inspiration for game developers.

There also some international mobile casino sites, where you can take a look at the different types of games that has been developed for mobile smartphone’s and tablets, this next one is a great resource & casino gaming guide for Australia, UK and Canada – even it is a mobile casino site, it is a very good way for developers to see what types of new games are currently being made. You can visit them here

Please let us know if we have missed any good resources