Grid computing is proven technology in scientific, research and academic communities. Grids are gaining traction as an enterprise computing technology. IBM, Oracle, Sun and other companies have been promoting grid technology. Alliances for enterprise grid computing are in their infancy and working groups of the Global Grid Forum are developing key specifications.

There are various solutions for analyzing software trends and monitoring technology rates. One approach is to look at the World Wide Web audience for a technology. We can quantify, for example, how many web pages discuss grids and how grid-focused web sites are doing in comparison to other sites. Please visit our mobile games development resources for further info.

Web Presence: A Report Card for Technology, Research and Media Organization Web Sites
This 31-page report provides data about web sites belonging to computer and software companies, media organizations, open source initiatives, and companies that provide IT research.

It includes several sections of comparative rankings for different industry sectors and media audiences, including SQL and databases, XML and web services, and grid computing.


GridSummit.com is a knowledge portal for persons interested in grid computing and related technologies. It offers audio and video programs, articles, white papers, and other research. You’ll also find information about security, training, and other useful resources.

Grid computing, often referred to as distributed system, is a method in which an engineer can harness the power of multiple cpus and domains to work at a single purpose.  This has now been modernized and is in constant daily use throughout the world of computing, but one area in which this has not been vastly applied is in random number generation in casino gaming systems.  Gridsummit is taking gaming to the next level by applying the idea of grid computing and allowing it to act as middleware to a vast network of computer systems that process gaming data.


Global Grid Forum to Collaborate with Standards Organizations
GGF will coordinate with DMTF, OASIS, SNIA and TMF to develop standards for managing networked resources.

Digipede Network 1.0 Released
Digipede Technologies completed beta testing and released Digipede Network 1.0 for the Windows platform. It is the first commercial distributed computing solution based entirely on Microsoft .NET. The network includes the Digipede Server, Digipede Agents and Digipede Workbench. The company will also offer an SDK later this year.

Heterogeneous Computing Workshop Presentation
Geoff Brown, Director of Grid Computing, delivered this keynote presentation to the Heterogeneous Computing Workshop at the International Parallel and Distributed Symposium.

Globus Toolkit 4
The Globus Alliance released version 4 of a toolkit that includes complete Web service hosting environments for Java, Python and C. It also includes a new GridFTP server and libraries for development of WSRF clients and servers.

The Internet Looking Glass
Web Presence
GSI Authentication
HCW Keynote